Laugh till your pies split

Red Card Comedy Festival 
15th, 16th, 17th, 18th June 2011,
Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich, NR2

We really do get the best things to go to. It’s a joy, the pies are like a passport to hang out with the nicest people doing the most interesting things.  This one was down to an uncharacteristic bit of chutzpa on my part. Which also shows that nosiness and a disregard for manners pays off. About a year ago I had just been doing a short Tuesday morning interview with BBC Radio Norfolk and thought a cup of coffee would be in order before heading back to the elves and Pie HQ.

Gradually my ear honed in on the conversation going on behind me, I was obviously listening to some movers & shakers organising interesting events.  With a sudden rush of blood to the head I introduced myself and dished out business cards. Luckily they seemed to feel little resentment toward an interruption by a pushy woman and it turned out that we were all mutual twitter followers. I said to give me a shout if ever either were doing anything  that it might be good to have the pies at and headed back to the countryside.

Tim "Wholesome" Cross (who doesn't feature in this story but it's a jolly nice pic) and Comedy Derek

One of the coffee drinkers was the brains behind Norwich’s Red Card Comedy Club, one of the biggest comedy clubs in the country, AKA Derek who on Twitter is @PWCDerek in his guise as supplier of wine to the county’s best restaurants . Since then we’ve become good mates, done a wine/pie tasting and now we get to the pies to the wonderful Laugh In The Park. Alongside us will be old chums Grain Brewery. Comedy, beer and pies. How good is that?

And I get to watch the turns. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Sean Hughes, having a bit of a weakness for twinkly Irishmen but it’s an excellent line up.

Sean Hughes - quite the dish

Tickets can be booked (and you should) here

15th June – Milton Jones

16th June – Ben Norris, John Molony & John Mann

17th June – Sean Hughes, Joseph Wilson, Jonathan Elston, Danny Buckler

18th June – Lucy Porter, Simon Feilder, Otiz Cannelloni, Joe Rowntree

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