Pop up pie help (guest post)

gratuitous plug for my blog :0

Those of you who have been following the story so far closely will know that:

1. Sarah is pretty good at getting pop-up pie assistants to help her with events. Sometimes they only make a brief appearance, sometimes they are on hand all day. Its been a popular move and the roll call is impressive…

2. Sarah and the pie team at Brays Cottage won a bursary to be part of the Producers Village at the upcoming BBC Good Food Show Winter at the NEC, next week.

3. I’m pop up pie assisting….

Yikes its NEXT WEEK!!

It’s all in hand though….Sarah’s been ordering lots of exciting livery for the stand and frantically crimping pies with the rest of the pie elves whilst I’ve been filling in lots of bureaucratic forms to get entry passes, to be allowed in with the delivery van, to be allowed to provide samples, to be allowed to sell pies, to get H&S clearance…… All those details that you have to get right before you can be allowed in the doors and on to the stand to meet the punters.

And because the ‘perfect pork pie’ needs to have a perfectly beautifully dressed crew, as well as the regular (and exceptionally smart) green BrayCo aprons, the team will be sporting branded T shirts specially produced in a short run quantity to our specific requirements by an artisan production team in East London (aka me).


picture by goodshoeday

Neat huh (notice the logo on the arm)?

Oh and just to give things a little extra pizzazz on the day’s I’m pie assisting (Thursday and Friday) I’ll be sporting a hat, a pork pie hat of course:

self portrait in a pork pie hat

So come along say hi and erm buy a pie (or several)…

PS: don’t forget you’ve until midnight 19 November to enter my competition to win entry tickets, free pies and a special exclusive ‘with knife and fork’ gift, click here to enter.

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3 Responses to Pop up pie help (guest post)

  1. Lynne says:

    mmmmmmm and might this Knife&Fork prize be a Pie TShirt by any chance?

  2. Shauna says:

    i LOVE ITTTT!! The shirt and hat are brilliant!!! Well done!

    You will all have a fab time, i also cannot believe it’s next week – i hope there’s enough pies! hehe!
    Well done on all the combined efforts & good luck! xxxx

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