Pies and weddings

As a little light relief from the preparation for Birmingham and at the risk of adding to your already full agenda of aristo nuptial related information, we hear there’s a Royal Wedding in the offing, featuring a local lad. News came through on Twitter last night that Clarissa Dickinson-Wright on BBC’s The One Show suggested a pork pie wedding cake. Fine woman that she is.

We can do that! We think it would be a nice familiar touch of Norfolk for the proceedings.

Our version is to be featured in next June’s Country Living too. I feel a zeitgeist coming on…

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4 Responses to Pies and weddings

  1. James says:

    Holy crap I want one.

  2. meemalee says:

    I’m going to have a word with Kate and Wills

  3. Lynne says:

    I reckon Daddy Charlie Farley would like a nice bit of pie…

  4. Jane says:

    I wonder if I can persuade the husband to go through another wedding day on our first anniversary in March. That’s superb!

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