8 Days…

A gratuitous pie photo!

The start of the week has been mostly about sorting out the artwork for the banners for Good Food Show pie stall. My current banner is looking a bit tired after a couple of year’s work so over the weekend I roughed out a spec of what I wanted on them so they’d be ready to send over to Pete, our graphic designer friend. The general consensus is that the banners need to be a bit less subtle than I’d use for Norfolk events. the words Pork and Pies will feature quite large! Plus some quotes and famous names who’ve been nice about the pies over the past few years. All terribly tastefully done, mind. Just less understated than our normal style.


The car has been in the garage in the next village to make sure that’s in good form for the trip over to Brum, we’ve already had some work done on our elderly but much loved chiller van (The Hippo) so she’s happy for her journies back and forth.

By our standards, there’s a lot of investment, involving real cash, in preparing properly for a show that’s this big. If we hadn’t won the BBC Good Food Show small producers bursary and were able to have the stand for free, then it probably isn’t anything we’d have risked trying, I’m very grateful for having had that shove though.

And whilst busily sorting out Good Food Show things, the normal stuff of pie-life goes on, Fi, my invaluable right hand woman, has been busily baking pies at our HQ bakery and delivering them to our local shops. I’ve also been dealing with emails from our local paper, the EDP, who are featuring our pork pies, alongside our friends The Wholesome Grocer, in their Christmas gift guide.

And today, Tuesday, is our final big pie-making push before Birmingham. Pie making Tuesday is always fun but hard work. Because of where we are, I provide a working lunch, I’ve got to nip in to our good friends and local Butchers, Rutland (five times winner of Norfolk butcher of the year including 2010), to pick up a delivery of chilli  jam that bizarrely went to them instead of HQ, so it’s going to be very fine bacon sandwiches for lunch today. And possibly a few pies…

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