The plan comes together

It seems that every time I speak to someone about the BBC Good Food Show, my estimate of how many pies we’ll need goes up. When I registered on their website for the first time and created my producer profile I saw the statistic that there will be something like 90,000 people (presumably mostly people who like food) at the show. Ninety thousand. Nine zero zero zero and another zero.

Not all of those will want to buy a pork pie, but a few will. But how many is a few? 1%? 5%? Lots of friends are coming, but even with the press we’ve had over the years, most of the people visiting the NEC won’t have heard of us, so it won’t be like it is in Norfolk where people make a beeline for us. And there are hundreds of stalls for them to spend their money at. But on the other hand the pies do look quite inviting on the stall, even if I say it myself.

So I’m going to have new banners for the walls of our stall and get lots of snazzy flyers printed and hopefully people will be able to see what we are about at a glance and be tempted.

The hotel is booked for me and my helpers and our pie plans at this end are coming together, thanks to huge help from the rest of the pie team and our new pie-elf Shauna (@shaunamarshall on Twitter). Shauna is heading fast toward her first baby and had reduced her work hours but has spent Tuesdays crimping alongside the rest of us and been amazing.  And during the big week itself our twitter chum/customer/pop-up piestall assistant Dean has offered to come and work with us at HQ.   Dean is just the sort of chap to have around, sensible, strong and cheery – and a trained barrista!

Meanwhile, at Birmingham more Twitter friends have offered to be with me (keeping me sane!) on the piestall, Claire, who is famous for her delicious Breckland Orchard drinks and Foodie blogger Linda – who has even set up a pie & tickets competition for the Good Food Show on her blog – it’s a great competition, closes Friday 19th November, so why not enter, treat yourself to a great foodie day out and come and say hi to us and eat a fine pork pie.

Then at the weekend my other half, veteran of many a busy Norfolk summer pie-stall event will be with us too, wielding the pie tongs expertly and charming the customers.

Small businesses aren’t just about business, they are about friends and the community round about them, without being too soppy, I get perfectly amazing help and support every day from our network – life wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you all.

Anyway, loads to do next week before we climb in the van and head to Birmingham, but I feel like it’s all coming together and we should be able to hold our head high and represent Norfolk and the pies well.

Still – 90,000 people – oh my!


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3 Responses to The plan comes together

  1. Shauna says:

    90,000 is soooo many people [sorry!]
    It will be fantastic, i can’t wait to hear of your success when you return.
    Everyone is eager to get involved and help because the product is just oh-so-delicious!
    I don’t want you to get eaten alive at the NEC!!! I hope my crimping skills – or lack of, don’t show up too obvious! hehehehe.
    Really excited for you all, and really love being part of it! xxxx

  2. Judy and Barry says:

    You SO deserve this Sarah. Your hard hard work looks like it’s about to pay off and we wish you every bit of luck etc in Birmingham – how exciting but 90,000 did make me cough and splutter a bit………………….you can do it!!!!

    Love the picture of you both……….big hugs from Somerset and keep us all posted. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Sarah says:

    Thanks Shauna & Judy x

    @Shauna your crimping is brilliant and we are so happy to have you on board, really appreciate you & little Lolli being there xxx

    @Judy – makes me bloomin’ cough & splutter every time I think about it :), but I keep telling myself that we’ll survive it! Thanks – and big hugs back. xxx

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