Sit down and pull up a pie…

From time to time things happen which rock the normally peaceful world of a pie maker on her heels.  Things like applying for a bursary which would mean that we get to spend five days in the NEC at Birmingham being part of the BBC Winter Good Food Show. And then winning the bursary.


The Good Food Show will be nearly the first event we have done outside of Norfolk. We have attended a Great Taste Award market near Westminster and two extraordinary garden parties held by Soho House, but apart from that it’s all been on home turf. And at five days it’ll be the longest event we’ve been involved in. And, well, it’s the NEC and the BBC isn’t it? Huge!

But the Good Food Show organisers have faith in us, we’ll have a lot of friends and support there and back at home, and I think we are ready for the next big challenge. It’s very exciting, and as over 70 great producers applied for the bursary it’s a great honour to have been one of the few chosen.

So we thought a bit of a blog to record and celebrate the next few weeks and beyond would not be out of order. Come join me on the big adventure.

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17 Responses to Sit down and pull up a pie…

  1. Lynne says:

    how wonderful! a PIE blog! just what the doctor ordered:)

    and so many congratulations are in order for the Bursary, well deserved. The world will now be your oyster! (can you put oysters in pork pies???)

  2. Catherine says:

    Great that you’ve started to blog the coal-face story of a proper pie maker. It will make interesting and important reading!
    Well done too on the BBC Good Food Show Producers’ Bursary.
    Here’s to your blogging (and pie-making) success.

  3. shauna says:

    This blog is a fantastic idea! Everyone wants an insight into the Brays Cottage day!

    Well done on the Good Food show, it’s pretty scary outside of Norfolk!
    Brays Cottage definitely deserve it!

    Now – all hands on deck!

  4. Paul Saxton says:

    Good stuff Sarah – going from strength to strength!

  5. meemalee says:

    Aargh – another blog – like I need the competition 🙂

    ps Welcome to the world – looking forward to reading more x

  6. Northcote Beers says:

    Congratulations, you’ll knock them off their feet with those fabulous pies.

  7. Lynne says:

    time for post no. 2…. 🙂

  8. Judy and Barry says:

    That’s great news Sarah! We really wish tou well and expect to see pies coming to Somerset as you spread your wings – lots of outlets here eventhough they are often well hidden in the depths of rural England. x

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